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    • The Pivetti technical department assesses the suitability of each farmer as regards the cultivation of Campi Protetti Pivetti wheat in compliance with the guidelines, exclusively in the provinces of Ferrara, Bologna and Modena. This area produces the best quality grain in Italy.
      The farmer reads and signs the Campi Protetti Pivetti guidelines, receiving a bonus as compared with conventional farming.
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    • Only select Varieties
      The farmer sows the varieties present in the authorised list of the Campi Protetti Pivetti guidelines, respecting established farming practices.
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    • Only the right earth
      The farmer enriches the land according to the recommendations of technical experts, in compliance with the specifications of the Campi Protetti Pivetti guidelines.
      The farmer records all topdressing operations in the Field Book.
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    • Only controlled treatments
      The farmer only carries out treatments deemed necessary.
      He/she only uses the products on the authorised list in the guidelines.
      All operations are recorded in the Field Book.
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    • Only compliant grain
      Pivetti agronomists visit the farms and assess the quality of the cultivations and their compliance with the Campi Protetti Pivetti guidelines.
      All instances of the non-compliance of the wheat at this stage result in declassification and exclusion from the Campi Protetti Pivetti supply chain.
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    • Only quality raw materials
      Pivetti transports the wheat to its Campi Protetti Pivetti storage centre and stores it using cold technology in dedicated silos.
      It analyses the incoming wheat and guarantees its goodness, quality and origin.
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    • Only purity for your flour
      Pivetti mills the wheat of the Campi Protetti Pivetti farms to ensure its purity.
      The goodness that originates in the field is found in every bag.

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